A number of local criminals have been put behind bars this month.

They include a former-teacher who raped a child, a grandson who murdered his frail grandad and a man who buried his girlfriend on holiday.

Richard Cosburn 

News Shopper: Former teacher Richard Cosburn has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 yearsFormer teacher Richard Cosburn has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years (Image: Police image)

Richard Cosburn, 56, was jailed after he admitted to 23 sex offences against four child victims between August 2001 and October 2020. 

Cosburn worked at schools in Bromley as well throughout Norfolk. He was also a former scout leader, though none of his offending was linked to his work or his time as a scout leader.  

A court heard that Cosburn forced one girl, who was aged between four and 12, to drink urine if she refused his demands.   

He also raped a sleeping seven-year-old boy in America in 2001 and filmed himself as he raped two other victims, a boy and a girl, in the Philippines in 2012.  

Cosburn also admitted three offences related to indecent images of children including 54 category A images, the most serious, 123 category B images and 363 at category C. 

He was given a life sentence with a minimum of 12 years in prison. 

Jack Forde 

News Shopper: Jack Forde who killed his 74-year-old grandadJack Forde who killed his 74-year-old grandad (Image: Met Police)

Jack Forde, 25, beat his frail grandad to death and left his body in a cupboard at their home in New Cross. 

He punched, stamped, stabbed and poured boiling water on his 74-year-old grandad Christopher Martin. 

Their family said the question of why this horrific took place has not been answered and that no amount of time will heal their “tortuous imaginations”. 

The court heard that Forde was “disconnected from reality” at the time of the attack and believed that he was his sister Anushka. 

Forde moved in with his grandad when he was released from prison in March 2021, just months after he had stabbed two strangers. 

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 10 years and give months after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter by dimished responsibility. 

Godfrey Madondo 

News Shopper: Godfrey Madondo stabbed 19-year-old Jeremiah Sewell to deathGodfrey Madondo stabbed 19-year-old Jeremiah Sewell to death (Image: Met Police)

Godfrey Madondo, 20, murdered 19-year-old Jeremiah Sewell following a “chance meeting” in Beckenham Place Park early on July 16 last year. 

During a murder trial the jury were told that the motive “appears to be simply because the deceased came from Beckenham” and the defendant and his friends were from Peckham. 

Jeremiah Sewell was asked “what end’s you with?” and when he replied “I’m a B-boy" he was stabbed twice in the neck within seconds. 

Madondo fled the scene but was arrested the next day and was later found guilty of murder. 

Madondo was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 24 years. 

Khelsi Johnson-Davies and Leah Simmonds, who cleaned and threw away Madondo’s bloodstained clothes, will be sentenced in August. 

Kuran Gill 

News Shopper: Kuran Gill, 33, was described as well-educated man who went off the railsKuran Gill, 33, was described as well-educated man who went off the rails (Image: Kent Police)

Kuran Gill, 33, stabbed a police officer through the arm after police forced entry to his home on Sun Marsh Way in Gravesend. 

Gill, described as a well-educated and decent man who “went off the rails”, was involved in a drug-smuggling gang which attempted to fly £1million worth of cannabis to the UK from Canada.  

As a result, at 6am on April 21, 2021, police executed a warrant at the home he shared with his mum.  

“They shouted police as they came in and you screamed,” Judge Kinch said.  

He added that he did not know what possessed Gill to stab the officer but that it may have been because of the sudden realisation that he had been caught.   

Gill was jailed for two and a half years for unlawful wounding, to be served on top of the seven years he was given after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cannabis, conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of criminal property.   

Jorge Garay 

News Shopper: Jorge Garay strangled and buried his partner while on holiday in PeruJorge Garay strangled and buried his partner while on holiday in Peru (Image: Kent Police)

Jorge Garay, 46, from Dartford, killed his girlfriend 37-year-old Karla Godoy before wrapping her body in tarpaulin and dumping her in a makeshift grave while they were on holiday in Peru. 

The couple travelled to Peru via Spain on September 15, 2022, but Karla’s family did not hear from her after September 23.   

The day before she went silent she had confirmed plans to travel to Spain but never arrived. Her family became concerned and contacted police in Spain, Peru and Kent.   

On October 4, Garay returned to the UK alone and told his landlord Karla has stayed in Spain when he went to Peru.  

Garay then emptied the flat they shared in Dartford and handed his keys back to the landlord. 

A few days later her body was found in his family’s garden in Lima, she had been strangled to death. 

Garay was found guilty of murder and was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years. 

Brandon Cole and Sian Chambers 

Brandon Cole, 21,and Sian Chambers, 22, were jailed after a lethal firearm was found hidden inside a Gucci box. 

Cole had been found guilty of possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life, while Chambers was found guilty of possession of a firearm and ammunition. 

Officers executed a warrant in January 2022 after intelligence suggested firearm ammunition may be at Chambers' Crystal Palace address. 

A firearms recovery dog indicated to a wardrobe in Chambers' bedroom, on top of which was a Gucci box. Inside officers found a firearm and ammunition. 

Cole was jailed for 12 years, and Chambers for six. 

Andrew White 

News Shopper: Andrew White who raped a woman while she sleptAndrew White who raped a woman while she slept (Image: Met Police)

Andrew White, 33, of Walworth Road, raped and strangled a sleeping woman. 

The incident has been described as an opportunistic attack for his own sexual gratification. 

A pre-sentencing report assessed White as posing a high risk of significant harm to adult women and the investigation team believes that there may be additional victims who have yet to come forward. 

The investigation began on June 18, 2022, when the police received a call at 9.53pm from a victim in her 30s. 

She alleged that she had been asleep when she woke up to find White behind her where he exposed his genitals and pulled down her trousers. 

When she tried to distance herself from him, White proceeded to put his hands around her neck in a chokehold. 

He has been jailed for 11 years.