A teacher who used to work in Bromley has been jailed after he filmed himself raping children. 

Richard Cosburn, 56, admitted to 23 sex offences against four child victims between August 2001 and October 2020. 

Cosburn worked at schools in Bromley, south east London, as well throughout Norfolk. He was also a former scout leader, though none of his offending was linked to his work or his time as a scout leader. 

A court heard that Cosburn forced one girl, who was aged between four and 12, to drink urine if she refused his demands. 

He also raped a sleeping seven-year-old boy in America in 2001 and filmed himself as he raped two other victims, a boy and a girl, in the Philippines in 2012. 

Cosburn also admitted three offences related to indecent images of children including 54 category A images, the most serious, 123 category B images and 363 at category C. 

One statement from a victim said: “Sometimes I find myself closing my eyes to pretend this is all just a bad dream but the feelings of anxiety never go away… my willingness to try and forgive and forget has gone. I will never be able to forgive what he has done.” 

Cosburn was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in Bromley in October 2020, following reports that he had groomed and abused a young girl in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. 

Following an investigation, he was arrested and charged in December 2022 and his home was searched with various electronic devices seized. 

Norfolk Police examined the devices and found a number of videos relating to his offending both in the UK and aboard. 

On Wednesday (July 19) last week he appeared in Norwich Crown Court where he was given a life sentence with a minimum of 12 years in prison. 


Judge Katharine Moore said Cosburn "remained a danger to male and female children, particularly those of primary school age or under". 

DI Andy Hill said: “Cosburn is a prolific sexual predator who has abused the trust of children. His actions have caused untold damage in a crime that often resonates throughout a person’s life and can impact on a vast array of areas from relationships to mental health. 

“I would like to commend the victims of Cosburn who have been exceptionally brave in providing evidence leading to this outcome.”