A Gravesend man who claimed that he knifed a police officer by accident during a drug raid has been jailed.  

Kuran Gill stabbed the officer through the arm after police forced entry to his home on Sun Marsh Way

The 33-year-old man was jailed for two and a half years for unlawful wounding, to be served on top of the seven years he was given after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cannabis, conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of criminal property. 

Gill, described as a well-educated and decent man who “went off the rails”, was involved in a drug-smuggling gang which attempted to fly £1million worth of cannabis to the UK from Canada. 

The drugs, which were hidden in computer casings, were intercepted at Heathrow Airport on February 8, 2021.

News Shopper: Drugs found hidden inside a computer casingDrugs found hidden inside a computer casing (Image: Kent Police)

As a result, at 6am on April 21, 2021, police executed a warrant at the home he shared with his mum. 

During a trial it was argued that Gill hadn’t realised the person he stabbed was a police officer and he had acted in excessive self-defence as he intended to ‘parry’ away the officer. 

However, Judge Christopher Kinch KC dismissed his claims, pointing out that Gill would clearly have been able to see the uniformed police officers and their marked vehicles through the window as they spent 20 to 30 seconds knocking down his door. 

“They shouted police as they came in and you screamed,” Judge Kinch said. 

He added that he did not know what possessed Gill to stab the officer but that it may have been because of the sudden realisation that he had been caught. 

Gill was charged with wounding with intent (Section 18) and unlawful wounding (Section 20). 

On Tuesday July 11, 2023, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty to the more severe Section 18 offence, which requires that the attacker had intent to cause really serious harm. However, he was found guilty of the Section 20 offence. 

News Shopper: Kuran Gill, 33, was described as well-educated man who went off the railsKuran Gill, 33, was described as well-educated man who went off the rails (Image: Kent Police)

When he was stabbed, the officer believed he may lose the use of his arm as the knife went in one side and out the other. 

Judge Kinch commended the officer for his dedication and commitment to his rehabilitation, which has meant he has been able to return to work. 

However, two years on he still has limited use of his fingers on that arm and relies on friends and family to drive him around. 

During his sentencing, Gill was described as: “A nice, well-educated decent man who then went off the rails and is in custody and continues to serve his sentence at great disappointment to his parents.” 

Gill had already pleaded guilty and been sentenced for the drugs offence. On the day of the raid officers seized over £100,000 in cash from his home. 

The court heard that he had come from a wealthy family who had fallen on tough times and he felt the need to step up and make money. 

"You had advantages growing up, which you have acknowledged, which were not given to many,” Judge Kinch said. “However, your own ego-fueled ambition turned to greed.” 

Three other men were also jailed in relation to the drug-smuggling operation - Gregory Blacklock, Govind Bahia and Jag Singh.