A man has been jailed for 11 years after raping and strangling a woman while she slept in Southwark.

Andrew White, 33, of Walworth Road, was sentenced for rape, non-fatal strangulation, and possession of a class B drug at Inner London Crown Court on Monday, July 31.

The incident has been described as an opportunistic attack for White's own sexual gratification.

A pre-sentencing report assessed White as posing a high risk of significant harm to adult women and the investigation team believes that there may be additional victims who have yet to come forward.

The investigation began on June 18, 2022, when the police received a call at 9.53pm from a victim in her 30s.

She alleged that she had been asleep when she woke up to find White behind her where he exposed his genitals and pulled down her trousers.

When she tried to distance herself from him, White proceeded to put his hands around her neck in a chokehold.

Upon his arrest, officers also discovered the possession of cannabis on White and he was taken into custody.

He denied the allegations against him and on the following day, June 19, he was charged and remained in custody.

Detectives gathered witness statements, video evidence, and forensic evidence that substantiated White's guilt.

Officers say the victim was supported throughout the investigation by specially trained officers.

Detective Constable Mariama Connell said: "The victim lived in the same address as White but was not in any sort of relationship with him.

“She was asleep and White saw this as an opportunity to attack her for his own sexual gratification.

"I know she continues to live with the impact of what happened to this day.

“It is my hope that knowing White has received a significant custodial term will provide her some small measure of comfort.

"In the pre-sentencing report White was assessed as someone who posed a high risk of significant harm to adult women.

“As a result we believe it may be possible that there are more victims of White who have yet to come forward.

"I urge any potential victims to make contact with us immediately. We will listen to you, we will act and we will do everything we can to bring you justice."