Due to COVID, the main attraction of Beckenham Place Park, the lake, has been shut. Although, in retrospect, who would want to swim in a freezing lake, dead in the middle of February? Anyway, local residents will be happy to hear that the lake is set to reopen this week, as COVID restrictions have been gently raised.

The capacity of people allowed should be around 60, to allow for social distancing, and there should be no spectators or animals around the water. Additionally, the lake will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, whilst also being available on the weekends, too. It will certainly be a beautiful opportunity to do something a little more revitalising this Easter holiday, as opposed to the mundane, almost grating routine that we have accumulated over this past lockdown, of becoming expert recluses. 

The lake at Beckenham Place Park opened in July, 2019 and was an instant success and eye-catcher to the public. It can be used for swimming, leisure and paddling in the sun. It is certainly suitable for a family day out in the Easter holidays. Due to the cold weather, coaches have warned that people should most certainly wear a wetsuit if the lake is below 14 degrees, for health and safety reasons. A spokesperson also claims that ‘we are all very much looking forward to seeing you again taking part in lake activities.’ 

Other activities and events that are taking part in the park is a poster competition designed for under 13 year olds, to encourage park goers to put their litter in the bins, or to pick up dog waste. Entries close on the 31st of March, and the three winning designs, either hand-drawn or on the computer are made into stickers which are put on the bins. Slowly but surely, Lewisham council are improving the park, making it more friendly, warm and welcoming to others, as well as encouraging positive environmental behaviour.