There are many debates (mainly between students) deciding whether uniforms in school are a good idea. The idea of uniforms has been dating back to the 16th century, so is it time to stop? 

Uniforms have many benefits when it comes to reducing peer pressure and preventing bullying from classmates. This is because it unifies everyone and no one can be judged by their economic background, which would be obvious with some people wearing designer outfits and others not being as well off. The uniform is the same for everyone, no matter what. 

Also, sometimes are pressures on students on what to wear when they are given more freedom and decisions on what they are allowed to wear, so it saves more time. Sometimes it is easier to stick with the same outfit! 

As well as this, it unifies the students together as they all have the same attire. It helps change the attitude of the students, as they may have a sense of pride in their school of which they can present to others. 

It improves the behaviours of students as it encourages the students to learn when they are dressed appropriately, as it improves the study ethic and improves concentration. Even though it may not always seem like it, but school uniform is also a more sustainable option as unlike fast fashion, these students must wear them for a long time, so they are made to be sturdier and more last longer. 

However, many students argue that uniform actually suppresses their individuality as they are not able to express their own fashion sense and ideas. This is because it limits their diversity which is a major part of their growing up.  

Even though the uniform prevents bullying inside of school, outside of school may be different, and depending on what type of school the students go to, they may be picked on by students from other schools.  

The school uniform may also adopt sexism as there are different outfits assigned to different gender roles. For example, trousers for boys and skirts for girls. This teaches young children from a young age that there is a difference between men and women, when there shouldn’t be! 

When a survey was sent out in my school, 83% of students said that they would prefer if there would be no school uniform, but their own clothes, however the others said that they are happy with the way it is now and wouldn’t want to change it.  

One of the students replied that “I like the way that we all have the same uniform to wear as it gives me a sense of community and I feel happy to be part of it”, however another student replied “I really don’t like my uniform and I would love it if we could all wear what we wanted because surely we have the right to do that!”.  

At this point, we cannot decide which idea is best as there is a split of opinions, but what do you think?