The buildup to exam season is well underway. Both GCSE and A Level’s, as well as university exams, are right around the corner and revision has never been so stressful! Luckily, for student’s in the Canterbury area the University of Kent’s Templeman Library offers exactly the environment needed to help with the dreaded preparations.

Found at the centre of campus, with views overlooking Canterbury city centre, the university offers a picturesque spot to remove yourself from the busy comings and goings of life and focus on your studies. Featuring three floors, including both silent and group study spaces, everything you need for successful revision can be found. Private booths, communal tables and free Wi-Fi offer a great head-start to exam triumph.

The addition of the Café, open 8AM-11PM weekdays and 9AM-9PM on weekends, is perfect for a well needed lunch break or late-night snack if you find yourself chasing last minute deadlines. Plus the plentiful green, outside space comes as an added bonus, essential for mental health breaks at times of stress according to health experts. Plus, the picnic tables and benches provide a study spot right at the heart of nature if preferred, although only advisable during the warmer Summer months!

Located next to the Gulbenkian Theatre, parking is easily accessible- despite being slightly pricier if planning to stay the whole day (£7 for nine hours). However, there is the added bonus of free parking outside of peak teaching times on weekends and bank holidays with ‘pay and display’ in operation 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday. Entry to the Templeman Library is free to the public, with a visitor or student pass being available to apply for online.

So if you’re struggling to concentrate this exam season, this might just be the place for you! Head over to the University of Kent website for the best guide on opening times and pass availability.