During lockdown, many families and friends have started to play more board game, like: Monopoly, checkers, chess and Ludo. However, because lockdown restrictions are currently easing, and more people are venturing out, will board games ever go back to their prime in lockdown?

For example, in October, Netflix released an original miniseries ‘The Queen’s Gambit.’ Following the release of the show, it became so popular that copious numbers of people turned to chess, and started playing. Many competitive players rejoiced at the new, recent popularity of this game, while newer players were surprised at how much they actually liked and enjoyed the game. Various streamers and content creators started producing chess-based content, and the popularity of the simple, but mind-consuming board game was at a record peak. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, chess tournaments have been rare, but recently, tournaments starring the world’s best players, have been progressing and people have been watching with intent.

However, five months later, the talk and engaging conversations surrounding this game has lessened, or even severely decreased, could that be because of the end of lockdown?

On the other hand, many other board games like Cluedo, and Monopoly are still as popular as ever, maybe with a less competitivity but nonetheless, that does not subtract from the fact that people are still vying to be the winning player. During lockdown, as social media will show, you can see many people enjoying so-called ‘game nights’ with family and having lots of fun.

Will it take a popular show to bring back a game its former glory? Or will board games constantly be there, never popular, but never forgotten?