Due to the recent roadworks that have begun at the Warren Road Junction with Court Road (A224), many have been left sitting in long time periods of traffic because of the Diversion.

The roadworks at the Warren Road and Court Road Junction, recently went ahead to build the Roundabout that had been postponed. The original plan, stated by the Council was that this roundabout was meant to have begun in March 2020 and would have been finished by that September, but obviously, COVID-19 prevented this from happening.

However, the traffic lights at this diversion have caused multiple traffic jams, some even reaching the end of Court Road by the Roundabout! This does make you question why are there so many cars about? Since we are in a National Lockdown, surely the traffic would not be as intense?

The intentions of this Roundabout are purely for safety improvements, and as the Council reported, from June 2005 to August 2016, a total of 15 collisions had occurred at this Junction. With one of these collisions being fatal and three serious collisions. The estimated cost for this is stated to be £148k, with one or two vehicle activated signs to reduce vehicle speed in the area.