We are currently undergoing the third national lockdown. Cases are rising day by day, restrictions becoming stricter than before. Even so, there are reasons to be optimistic as thrilling adventures are coming soon. 

The Hangloose Adventure is going to launch England's longest and fastest zipline in Bluewater during early 2021. The construction began during mid-October last year and is approaching final stages. Initially, the plan was that Hangloose Bluewater would open during February half-term; nevertheless, the dates are likely to change due to current circumstances. 

The Hangloose Adventure is well known for their exceptional adventure projects, particularly for their site in the Eden Project, Cornwall. TripAdvisor awarded the Cornwall site a Traveller's choice award last year, so there is a great expectation for the new activities coming to Bluewater.

Right now, the record is held by the Hangloose Adventure's SkyWire in the Eden Project Biomes, extending by 660 metres and travelling at speeds of up to 60mph. According to their recent 'Answering Questions' video, the zip line coming to Bluewater will have the same rate but will surpass this record for length by having an extent of 725 metres.

After interviewing a group of adventure enthusiasts, they stated how they could not wait to try out the zipline. Jessica, who has gone to many adventurous sites, calls it a 'brilliant idea.'

"It is a fun attraction that can boost the economy and it’s local so more people can enjoy adventurous activities. However, I do not get to participate very often because there are no adventurous facilities near me right now and not having a huge amount of time to do them, especially if they are far away. Still, I plan on going as soon as it opens hopefully."

The Hangloose Adventure team designed the SkyWire so that up to four people can fly side by side, thereby giving a sensation of racing down the zipline. Also, thirty cameras are placed across the line, recording the participants' experience, which would be available for purchase after. However, there is still a minimum age requirement of being at least eight years old, and there is, of course, a weight requirement between 40kg and 120kg. Nevertheless, the adventure ride contains weighted vests for people who might slightly weigh less. Nonetheless, the team may alter the weight requirements according to the wind's direction, such as increasing the minimum weight if there is a headwind or decreasing the maximum weight if there is a tailwind. 

Early Bird Vouchers are currently available on their website: Skywire | Bluewater Zipline in Kent | Hangloose Adventure Zip Wire (hangloosebluewater.com).  The booking slots are not open, so Hangloose Adventure will send the information on available spaces later after buying the vouchers.