A snowfall is a joyous occasion for many, but can be a dangerous occasion for anyone. 

On Saturday 23rd January, many in London and surrounding areas woke to snow. It was seen as an opportunity for many to head outside and have some fun during the lockdown period. 

With January being a very bleak and downcast time of the year, even more so due to lockdown restrictions, many were overjoyed by the sight of the white blankets that swept across their gardens. This was seen as a joyous occasion that uplifted the spirits of many during this lockdown. 

However, whilst the snow brings happiness and prosperity, it also comes with many dangers. Icy roads and paths always pose a threat during cold and snowy seasons. Unfortunately for some, they were not so lucky during this snowfall. 

A video that surfaced on facebook showed a car crash that took place on Hatters Lane, High Wycombe, during this snowy weekend. The video achieved 1.5 million views and almost 50,000 likes on the social media app.

High Wycombe is in fact a town with many steep hills and slopes, so a crash on the icy roads during this snowfall was nothing short of expected. 

The video shows a Mercedes crashing into a silver smart car that was parked on the side of the road, then later hitting another vehicle further down the road. A citizen who lives in the area noted that there had been three previous crashes down Hatters Lane on the same day, something which is a normal occurence around the hilly areas of High Wycombe during snowfalls. 

Those living in the area were not fazed by the accident, having seen many similar in previous years. And thankfully, it seems as if no one has been injured or harmed.