SpaceX is a company that was founded by Elon Musk and previously, it had been successful in completing a demonstration mission between May and August. 

They were prepared to launch a rocket today but things didn't go to plan.The NASA chief announced today that the launch of the SpaceX has been delayed from Saturday to Sunday due to the strong winds in the Kennedy Space Center area. The two Americans, Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins alongside the Japanese Soichi Noguchi, make up the three NASA astronauts who will now travel to the Space Station on Sunday at 19:17 local time (00:27 in the UK), instead of Saturday at 19:49 (00:49) as it was previewed.

This is the first six month 'operational' mission of SpaceX which intends to materialize the resumption of manned flights from the United States in May, nine years after interruption and dependency on Russia.

NASA officially certified the Crew Dragon capsule which has been deveoped by the SpaceX for the transport of its astronauts on regular flights on Tuesday, considering it to be safe.

Everyone is now hoping the wind won't delay the launch once again.