As COVID cases begin to rise, England has been forced to enter a second lockdown from 5th November to 2nd December. All non-essential shops and businesses are to close; however, schools and universities are allowed to remain open.

It is clear to see why Boris Johnson has opted for schools to stay open, following a five-month temporary closure during the previous lockdown. Though, this decision has caused a lot of concern amongst students, who still feel that school’s opening is a risk to their health. Tamara Smith a student at Harris Academy, stated “I think schools should shut because it’s unsafe. Although we have the bubble system in place, everyone goes back to different households and mixes with different people.”

On the other hand, many are relieved that schools are open as it is important for England’s youth to receive an education. David Edward a parent, told me,” I think it is a good idea. Our education system is the backbone of what drives the economy. Unless it is not viable, then schools should continue to remain open.”

Furthermore, many students are thankful that they are still able to go to school. From the previous lockdown many felt disconnected from their friends, family and the world. Shaneeka Sufraz said, “I didn’t like the last lockdown as I couldn’t see my friends.”

The bubble system has ensured safety so far, and schools remaining open has allowed for students to not only stay connected with one another but also gain an education.