I know in lockdown it is very easy to get bored and become demotivated, so here are a few tips I have discovered during my first lockdown.

Keeping a routine: I know this may sound obvious, but some people do not realise how crucial it is. It gives you a purpose to get up in the morning as you know what you have planned. So, each night write out a list of what you would want to achieve the next day. Make sure it is realistic stuff, otherwise you will feel disappointed. If it is realistic but you did not have time to do it just move it to the next day or the weekend, so you can still accomplish it.

Thinking positive: At the end of each day think about what made you feel happy i.e. a phone call/zoom call from a friend or family, something you found funny, playing with pets or even just watching something you love on television.

Spending time with family: It is sometimes is good to have time alone but not too much as you can overthink things. Make sure to speak with your family as they are probably as bored as you are. I personally liked playing games such as Monopoly and Ludo as we had lots of time to spare. We also had family Zoom calls with other family members (that were not there) and quizzes which were something to look forwards to.

Take up a hobby: Even if it is a hobby you have never tried before just try it out. Or practice something that you would like to get better at, for me I practiced dance and piano which I enjoyed and improved at. Another example is downloading Duolingo which is a free app for learning any language and you can do a lesson a day.

Regular exercise: Make sure to still exercise, you are still allowed to. Even if it is just a YouTube workout at home with your Mum, it will still help. Another daily exercise you can do is yoga at home, or just go for a walk which is good to get fresh air. I hope this helps you with this lockdown.