For years humans have believed that we are not alone. And no, I’m not talking about the room you’re in right now. I am talking about the universe. The source of all space, time matter and energy, including stars, galaxies and planets. The place where Earth (our home) is situated and therefore where we live. However, is there anything else on Earth apart from what can be seen? Are we the only ones who live here, or is there anything else out there?

Books, movies, websites, they will all tell you the same thing- we are not alone in the universe. There is another species, another realm, just something else that’s out there. Familiar or unfamiliar to humans, these sources all indicate we are not alone. We don’t know them, but they definitely know us…

For example, UFOs are the most obvious, common and visible sign of paranormal activity that can be spotted by anyone who is present at the right time. But little do we know, they are not the only type of paranormal activity that has happened on Earth. There are stories ranging from ghosts and aliens to reincarnation and suspicious psychological activity. Most of these stories can be found, one way or another, but in the end they all end up denying even the faintest idea that there is something out there. Why is that? Well the US Government and the President have actually been briefed about UFO’s and paranormal activity at different Air Force facilities. They fear that if any other country, for example, China and Russia, get hold of the UFO design they will be able to reproduce that and could therefore, with this new technology attack the US, causing conflict. So, why not reveal this to the public? Well, former Presidents say that there is no point in scaring people and disrupting social normalities. But what about the truth? Don’t normal people deserve to know the truth?

In December 2017 it was revealed the Pentagon had operated a project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that was a secret UFO investigatory project. This project was designated to studying unidentified flying objects and unexplained aerial phenomena. It was made public 10 years after the program started and 5 years after it had ended in 2012. So why hide it so long from the public? Unless, they actually found something they don’t want publicised.

Well, they realised that most of these UFO sightings actually happened in the vicinity of nuclear facilities, power plants and ships at sea. Following this claim the former leader of the program, Luis Elizondo stated, “We have never seen anything like it”. Could this be the start of the discovery of extraterrestrial life?

Moving on from UFOs and extraterrestrial presence, there have been many other different paranormal cases reported before. The kind of cases we all expect to be shown in a horror movie (and they have), that actually happened in real life…

Firstly, a famous case proving the notion of reincarnation is the case of Bridey Murphy. Virginia Tighe was a housewife in 1952 Colorado but when placed under hypnosis she claimed she was once an Irish woman called Bridey Murphy that was born in 1806. Under hypnosis, she spoke in and Irish accent, gave Irish town names and used Irish language. All this was later confirmed as being true because Bridey Murphy did actually exist and all these tales were perfectly correct. So then why does the government shut down such type of cases? Is it something to do with the lack of evidence or the massive amount of evidence that cannot be explained?

Let’s take a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean that goes my many names: ‘The Devil’s Triangle’, ‘Hurricane Alley’ but most commonly called ‘The Bermuda Triangle’. It is an area ranging from Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico to Bermuda where ships, planes and people have mysteriously and unexplainable disappeared. There are many theories about what happens in the triangle, but no one actually knows. There have been several ship disappearances, but one of the most famous ones is the USS Cyclops. It was travelling between the West Indies and Baltimore in 1918. The ship was nearly 550 feet long so any damage to the ship would be discovered floating in the water. But, with this ship, there was no evidence whatsoever. After it disappeared more than 100 ships and planes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. A century later there is still no evidence as to what has happened to the ship- “It wasn’t like it was lost in a glorious battle. It just kind of fell off the face of the Earth” was what a descendant of a missing sailor stated to the newspapers.

One of the most famous paranormal investigators, Ed Warren said, “It’s not a bunch of fairy tales. Everyone has experienced one form of supernatural activity or another”. He said this based on his own horrors of paranormal activity.

Now, many people say these kind of things cannot happen and science can always prove the truth. But how do we know that science is always right? After all, we have as much confirmation as we need to know something else is out there and all these paranormal activities and UFO sightings are just the tip of the iceberg. We will never truly know what is waiting out there…

After all, UFO’s keep popping up, and considering they can turn invisible and unnoticeable, there’s only one solution to why they would let us see them. They want to be seen.

-Maria Manta