Music is key

The time in our lives right now is one that feels very surreal to some people, the whole world has just hit a bit of a pause button, which nevertheless is needed in this current period but that doesn’t mean that people are taking it well. I feel as a teenager that lockdown has caused a lot of issues for us, some positive like the spending time with your family; however, it has also caused a heavy amount of anxiety. Many teenagers are experiencing feelings of loneliness from being away from their friends, which for some people was their only form of identity and escape. As well as this, lockdown gives people a lot of time to think, alone. Teenagers are having to spend time with their thoughts, which can feel quite suffocating, especially for the overthinkers. Well, what can we do as youths to help us find that escape again? Music of course!

Songs play a huge part in teenage culture. Music is literally everywhere. It’s just that amazing feeling of being alone in your bedroom, whether your happy and sad; just indulging yourself in those songs which really take you somewhere. For some people music doesn’t feel any more to them other than song, but I truly believe it’s a positive escape for particular teenagers. It seems like parents are forever telling their child to stop spending so much time alone in their room, but for many it is their happy place where they can let go of any emotions holding them up during the day. Under your duvet covers, lights off, speaker on the other side of your room, the blasting of your music covering your whole room. Sounds perfect to me. There are songs to cry to, to smile at and ones that bring up memories in your head that have been hidden for a while.

Here are some of my personal favourite songs to listen to when the clock hits 11pm, you’re alone in your room, contemplating all you’ve done so far as teenager in today’s frantic society.

• “Milk” by the 1975

• “Adult Diversion” by Alvvays

• “Circles” Mac Miller 

• “Summertime Sucks” by Slush Puppy

• “Summer Depression” by girl in red

• “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” by the 1975

• “New Flesh” Current Joys

• “Ooh La La” by the Faces