Public Schools aren’t the same as Selective schools. Or are they? Hannah Sterling LPGS

A public school is open to those, free of charge, who live nearby to the school. However, one enquires, if a school had formed a new academy trust with other schools on the same site, in particular a primary school; should those students who attend the primary education within the trust be given priority when deciding spots for the secondary school also within the trust? Would that prioritisation have underlying mannerisms of selective-like education, surely the fact that some students have a certified space already withheld for them implies the school isn’t “free for all” as some are applying for a space whilst others have an existent reservation.

People in the Beckenham, West Wickham and Bromley area have arisen to a dispute with regards to whether Langley Primary students should be given automatic spaces for Langley Park School for Girls and Langley Park School for Boys . Some argue the primary school is already on the site thus the children would most likely gain spots anyways if they were In the catchment for the primary school they’ll be in the catchment for the secondary school without doubt. On the other hand some say that this will majorly affect the community as people move to areas nearby solely for benefit of their child attending the Langley secondary schools, the fact that places are now being reserved brings an element of uncertainty that their child will be able to attend the secondary school due to catchment area decreasing heavily.

Many disagree that this proposal is anything near to a good idea: Bromley council, the local MP and the environmentalist group “greener cleaner Bromley” have stated it’s not a good decision. Not to mention a protest was held outside of the school in January which a large number of parents and children attended to share their anger for the new policy.

This idea is still being questioned upon and petitions are still up, so go online and stand up for what you believe is the wisest option, after all this is our community concerning the future of our community’s children.