The electives Programme in Newstead Wood School provides students with an opportunity to take part in sports, activities and volunteering roles to help them explore interests beyond the classroom. 

The current Year 10s in Newstead are experiencing their first year of the electives in school and are loving it, claiming that its refreshing nature helps them relax on Fridays. Chosen at the end of Year 9, there are various options available catering to the multitude of different interests of the students in school. It ranges from sports such as fencing to boxing as well as a Fitness course enjoyed by many of the girls. Some of the other activities include Reading and Research, Current Affairs, Film and Photography and Outreach. Electives are allowing students to investigate a life outside of studies and to do things that they have never done before. I got to enjoy fencing last term and gained a love for a delicate sport that I never thought I would develop. This is what makes electives such an enjoyable experience in school. 

Outreach is enjoyed by many girls who chose it as an option in school. It gives students the chance to develop and enhance leadership skills by volunteering to help in a Primary School. Along with crucial life skills, working with young kids also helps students better their patience, compassion and kindness as working with kids require all of these qualities. Outreach can also be considered as your volunteering option for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

I have thoroughly enjoyed electives so far in the year and look forward to my outreach session next week. Outreach is definitely an opportunity that I have enjoyed and I highly encourage Year 9s in Newstead to pick a combination of electives that challenge them and allow them to have fun at the same time!