Christopher Biggins, Max Fulham and Bromley's very own Local Hero!

This November on Sunday the 17th on 6pm, the lights illuminated the streets. On this particular evening many faced the chilly frost lingering in the air to witness the dazzling lights be turned on for the first time this year. Hats, scarves, coats, boots - clad people stood hustled in the cold weather. I could barely feel my blue fingers as my teeth were chattering loudly. Despite the cold, the early Christmas spirit provided comfort and a little bit of warmth. There was a striking sense of unity and many bonded over their eagerness. The crowd was ecstatic to witness this annual ritual. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation as the clock was close to striking six. 

The crowd in front of Primark hollered in excitement as they awaited pantomime stars. Christopher Biggins and Max Fulham. Their presence seemed to make the crowd lively with laughter. They then proceeded with the program to announce the local hero for 2019. The 2019 local hero was Parisa Wright who has worked towards encouraging a, “Greener, Cleaner Bromley”. This year she has been working towards making Bromley a cleaner place for the future and her efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed as she was invited on stage to collect her cheque. Altogether on stage they lead the countdown as the crowd chanted the seconds: 3, 2, 1. They switched on the lights. Everyone watched as the Christmas tree lit up to welcome Christmas for the first time this year. After witnessing the lights the crowd was ready to disperse. 

Shortly, Biggins commented - they haven’t spent very much”. This caused the crowd to cackle with laughter. Although this comment was intended to be a joke he might’ve been onto a much bigger picture. As someone who visits the glades often enough, I did notice that the several years old snowflake hanging decorations had now, ironically, been replaced with newer items. All the decorations are more photo friendly as there are multiple extravagant seats and enormous signs which people can pose to take pictures with. I must say that these decorations were pretty impressive compared to last year One woman in the crowd commented that the decorations were “Instagram friendly”.