Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others. Every week, every day, every minute, the need to make a difference surrounds me. Whether it is the excitement of a friend rushing to alert us of news or the calm planner who has carefully crafted an idea, it encircles me and dances through my mind as I dream. Vision without action is simply a dream yet those combined will change the world.

I am Devangi Vyas, founder of Newstead Soroptimist and a hidden campaigner for women and girls across the globe. Newstead Soroptimist is a small group of girls, aged 16 and under, who slowly but steadily wish to change the earth, one event at a time. We are often hidden under the umbrella term of teenagers as inexperienced, unlearned and immature - yet, we are the ones willing to fight. It is a battle that someone must win, or happily die trying - now or in the future. For the rights of those around us and those who deserve it depend on it.

I sometimes wonder, the remarkable glimpse of hope is enough to break through a dark tunnel. However, as time has progressed, we have become desensitized to suffering and pain due to media and society; humans by nature have turned selfish. Nevertheless, we have discovered, the greatest antidote and medical achievement - being involved in the community.

On 17th October 2019, Newstead Soroptimist conducted the registration of the society with Soroptimst International. Bromely Representatives Alison Driscoll and Dinah Scudder Croydon Reps Pat Dale and Emma Patel chartered the club giving the official decree that is now presented in the School's office. We were very proud of the event and all the members received their official badges and certificates that we will cherish for the future. Our struggle had been long, but now that one obstacle has been passed, we are ready to fight another and break down the barriers against females across the globe.

While human selfishness or self-indulgence may battle against us, we have the satisfaction that we fight to win all and lose nothing. We know that every move we make has a positive effect and we are the ones who fight for the future. When suffragists began talking, people laughed in their faces; when suffragettes began acting, people mocked in their faces; now Soroptimists have begun fighting, people can turn against out faces but the truth cannot be hidden. Each step, each individual, each movement created a ripple - a drop of rehydrating water in a desert that will form an unstoppable wave breaking any barriers to come. 

We have vowed to make a difference, to fight for those who cannot and our vision and mission will succeed.