The Sevenoaks Wildlife Centre attracts 80,000 visitors a year due to its large biodiversity in wetland species. But could this number significantly increase in the near future?

After recent research conducted with the local community, the people at the the centre were encouraged to find ways to improve it. They are planning to improve the ex-industrial land by upgrading the facilities like the car park and bird-hides which were recently damaged due to antisocial behaviour. They also plan to increase their habitat management through research and increasing awareness of the importance of nature. They hope that this will enhance and improve the biodiversity there.

However, one of the biggest changes  is the Nature Wellbeing Centre which they say is going to be built in the near future. This Wellbeing centre will aim to ‘contribute the wellbeing of the local community through working with nature’. Recent studies have shown that spending time around nature can improve your mental health like depression and anxiety for example which statistically affect 1 in 5 of adults. Being around nature can help reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. This wellbeing centre also aims to  ‘inspire people to care for our planet’ and ‘build awareness of what nature provides for us’. In the centre they plan to do nature-related activities such as bird watching which has been shown to be very therapeutic.

I spoke to the local shopkeeper, Peter,  who has been working with Kent Wildlife Trust for 9 years to find out more. He said that ‘ the idea of it was that it would be the first visitor centre that would become a health centre’ He explained that ‘the  brain reacts with wildlife and countryside sounds’ which is the reason why the Centre is being built there specifically. However he also said that the cost of it (£2.1million) might have to be adjusted because of upcoming things like Brexit.

Could the Sevenoaks Wildlife Centre be developed any further? Look out for the changes at .

By Anna Antonenko