Dementia. Memory problems, increased confusion and reduced concentration. All of this is associated with dementia, but how can you delay the onset of dementia? Well, the answer is really simple – learn a new language. But how will that help, do you ask? Learning more than one language keeps your brain healthy, exercising it and keeping it active. Read on to find out more about the benefits of learning a new language!

According to science, learning a language helps you improve your memory, essential resulting in better test results and can lead to better decision-making later in life as you can process information faster than a monolingual person. Improved memory results in an increase in attention span, so you can focus on a task at hand for longer. This focus can also help bilingual or multilingual people to multitask (as they can easily switch between tasks, just like how they switch between languages.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered that bilingual people get better scores in tests due to their better cognitive abilities. The surprise element here is, the age at which the new language is learnt is irrelevant – so why not learn a new language as an adult if you had missed out on your chances as a child?

The benefits listed above are only a little. Now, it may seem as if I’m advertising learning a new language, and essentially I am, but only to persuade you to try something new and improve your memory. Learn a new language and keep your brain nice and healthy!