February: A Fairly 'Nothing-y' Month?

Ah February. The month where the number of Vitamin C tablets purchased increases, and the amount of exciting news significantly decreases.  

It seems as though as the blistering winds of January blast past us, we can no longer whip up conversation about our new year's resolutions (as we have undoubtedly already forgotten about them), we can no longer style our fashion-forward, fluffy ear muffs (unless we want to look as though we have just returned from a day trip to Siberia), and we can no longer find any excuses as to why we are going to be spending Valentine's Day alone (well, speak for yourself).  

I have always found February a very nothing-y kind of month. Everyone is plagued by colds and the flu. We have lost all excitement at the prospect of a new year. Each working day is spent walking around moodily and gloomily, knowing that our next holiday remains depressingly far in the future.   

This February, however, has arguably been a rather invigorating one.  

From student marches against climate change held on the 15th, to starting off the month with snow and ending with a practical heatwave (conceivably caused by the very thing that the students were protesting about), February 2019 has not quite conformed to my definition of being ‘nothing-y’.  

Already, only two months into the year, I can tell that 2019 is going to be a year filled with peculiarities- and I’m extremely excited by this.