Youtube taking down videos about suicide

ISSUE 8                                                                   BY SHAAN JASSAL

Many people have been talking about Youtube taking down videos that talk about controversial matter. This became clear to me when I was watching one of Mike Fox's video - a popular Youtuber with over one million subscribers - talking about Youtube taking down all of his videos that mentioned suicide. Thus, the question arises: was Youtube's decision right?

The release of Thirteen Reason's Why Season 2 has also arised questions of whether issues such as suicide should be mentioned in these ways. Some believe that raising these issues in this way glorifies suicide by talking about it so casually, and makes people more likely to want to commit suicide. However most believe that presenting these issues raises awareness on the concequences of our actions and prompts conversations that need to be had.

Youtube taking down these videos is a key example of trying to pretend like an issue doesn't exist and to not display these threats to viewers. I severly disagree with Youtube's actions for not presenting these issues in the way that they need to be presented.

Not only should suicide be talked about on Youtube and televisione programmes, but also in schools. Young people need to become aware of serious issues such as mental health and suicide, and learn how to recognise and prevent these trypes of problems. 

Pretending that these issues don't exist won't make them disappear.

By Shaan Jassal William Perkin CofE High School