Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Rich aromas of freshly baked bread and hearty pumpkin-spiced soups from the Good Food Charity counter suffused the crisp and frosty air, as the Woolwich Winter Warmer filled the town with an early Christmas glow.

Soft melodies of children shouting and laughing with unfiltered glee, and the tinkles of the merry go ride and revolving teacups circulated through Gordon Square. Live festive music from local choirs and musicians played throughout while “ reindeers ” wander through the crowd talking animatedly, handing sweets and treats to children as they go.

Owls hooted at passerbyes, perching on a stand drawing quite the crowd of people.

Ujwal Prasai (13) exclaims “ My favourite bit was the sculptor, he created such an amazing ice sculpture of a reindeer - everyone was crowding around and watching  the production of it with such interest! ”

An important and vital part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich is the fantastic events that occur throughout the year, bringing people and families from all different kinds of cultures and backgrounds together, as a community, to celebrate.

Riju - Eltham Hill School