Located in the heart of East London; Newham- a borough known to be rich in diversity seems to without fail continue on the trend of a growing population in regards to ethnic minority.

Communities base their foundations on the idea of equality between all races and religions, some may feel that these morals are needed in order to stop forms of discrimination whereas some may oppose to these values subconsciously. It is felt that racial discrimination in the youth’s perspective is often disregarded and goes unnoticed.

Khadija Shariff says, “Girls in the Muslim community are looked down upon because of their religion as they’re seen as ‘different’ just because they follow different beliefs. The hijab is made to feel oppressive even though it’s not. Due to the fact that people throw hatred on it so much so, I’d be safer without it.” The piece of cloth that women of Islam wear is a symbol of purity and modesty. Why are neighbours tarnishing the beauty of it?

In 2011, the estimated percentage of Muslims in Newham was 32%, second highest as Christianity was the greater population with 40%. Schools and institutions make sure that they educate students into disobeying any religious hierarchal systems but when acts are committed, they tend to take consequences and punishment very lightly.

So as this multi-cultural borough expands, the chances of the young Muslim woman walking down the streets getting terrorised but is labelled the terrorist will increase. The odds of the little school boy being mistreated by others because of his love for god will only rise. When will people begin to allow a harmonious atmosphere in hopes for peace? Peace. The very word these ‘terrible’ Muslim’s start and end a conversation with.

Yumna Bahar Zahra, Lister Community School.