Girls of Eltham hill school were busy these past months setting up the publicity of the EHS eco team, of which they plan to educate and teach students about the world they live in, and how we can help nurture the environment. Students produced a video which educates many to through their litter in the bin – hysterical laughter filled the room as students watched their faces on screen and were proud of their masterpiece.

Claramae, one of the project managers talks about her aim of “getting students involved in the schools development of a greener school.”Additionally, Ms Comis and Charlotte (who run the eco team) are defiantly egar to take this forward and get students to educate other students in assemblies and events.

Part of the campaign, includes a poster competition to promote the eco team, a garden patch and more, but most importantly an enjoyable experience. A student such as Kulthum Mohamed says she is “happy to be taking up more roles in the school!”  Riju Prasi added “I’m delighted to be offered  lots of opportunities and can’t wait to help make the school greener.”

Thinking about our actions when it comes to the environment is important so we can create a more greener, cleaner world.