As a 17-year-old applying to go to university next year, I know all to well about the pressure felt on those that want to apply to university. There is so many factors that need to be considered and it can feel quite like you are making a massive decision, which in all fairness, you are. 

But, it doesn’t need to feel this way at all. When I was doing mine, I felt the most pressure was on my personal statement and as I am applying for a course which is highly English and literary based I felt my personal statement had to be near on perfect. Even if you are not planning on doing an English or writing based course at university, your personal statement really must be the ‘crème de la crème’ of your UCAS application because, I personally believe, it is the only section where you get to put your personality and achievements across. A lot of people have worked so hard to reach this point and it is time to show all your attainments.

However, university is an exciting time in life and I think that the students that want to go to university should enjoy the initial process, because it really is the start of the journey. It is a very different experience in life and personally my UCAS process has really got me thinking about what is in the future for me and has made me look forward to what is in store. I asked my fellow student and friend Farah how she was feeling about her the step up in to university and she said “ University opens up the chance to explore the area of knowledge which I am passionate about but also have the opportunity to gain independence which will equip me for vital skills I need for the future”
Even though university doesn’t suit everyone’s aspirations, I can definitely feel an air of excitement between me and my peers about the next stage of our life.