The famed and treasured tale about a young boy (James) and his frosty friend embarking on a Christmas adventure is brought to life in The Peacock Theatre’s stage production “The Snowman”. Twinkling with festive spirit this stage show is now celebrating 20 consecutive years at the Peacock.

“The Snowman” is based on the book by Raymond Briggs and the film directed by Dianne Jackson and produced by John Coates, which whisked families and the nation into the winter wonderland world of a boy and his snowman.

The production includes the moving music and lyrics by Howard Blake, design by Ruari Murchison, lighting by Tim Mitchell, virtuoso choreography by Robert North and direction by Bill Alexander. The Snowman is a spectacular mix of dance, storytelling and magic assured to melt even the most cynical Scrooge.

A perennial family favorite, “The Snowman” has transported a generation of children and their families into the beautiful story of this journey. James finds his snowman has come alive and the two kindle a friendship. Like the book and the film the characters communicate with words words but through half mime and half dance with the aid of a live orchestra. Murchison’s designs frame the stage with serene snow-laden pines, falling snow is shown through a projection of dainty lights onto the set and as the play progresses the audience can see inside and out of James’ house as the building is cut off at sections allowing vision into the family’s living room the staircase and James’ bedroom on the top floor.

James is portrayed with just as much enthusiasm as he is in the book and film. With colourful dances in the kitchen, a graceful but demonic cat, a close call in the parents’ room and a precious scene with a teddy bear, ballerina and a soldier are all compacted within the first half of the show!

The second half opens with a chaotic motorcycle ride through the dark forest with woodland creatures such as foxes, badgers, rabbits and squirrels running across the stage. The two actors are lifted up by magic (and a couple of safety harnesses) into the air to fly in the starlit sky and across the ocean. This spellbinding moment is accompanied with the classic rendition Walking in The Air. Reindeer, penguins and other snowmen and snowwomen from around the globe together with Father Christmas greet us at the North Pole. However every story has to have a villain and The Snowman’s is none other than a spiky haired, sparkly suited and blue skinned Jack Frost! Boos echo around the theatre as the Snowman tries to protect the ballerina from Jack Frost’s evil clutches.

The marvelous show ends brilliantly with all the characters dancing and taking a bow whilst snow falls onto the audience.  Karen Hopps said, “It is our brand new Christmas tradition, I can’t wait to see it next year!”

The Peacock’s charming production is an enchanting experience that will leave you walking on air.

By Tara Tate, Farringtons School