Steve Morison has retold an unusual experience with a Millwall fan, in which he offered to sign a programme but was told “I don’t want your autograph”.

The 32-year-old has endured a turbulent relationship with supporters in the past, with some mistaking his persona for a disinterested player.

However, Morison has insisted that he’s “just a nice guy”, while retelling a strange encounter with a Lions supporter.

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“Everyone has a view on you, I don’t go around smiling too much – I don’t know why I should be doing that if we’re not winning.

“It’s interesting because I feel like I’m playing nice and with a smile and yet I tried to sign an autograph the other day and they said ‘I don’t want your autograph’.

“I’m a nice guy, I think I am anyway.

“Everyone has an impression on you and people can think what they like.

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“I remember some people reporting that I was a bad egg in the dressing room, well you ask Neil Harris if that’s right.”

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