When murders remain unsolved for years heartbroken families face the prospect that they may never get justice for their loved-ones.

The Metropolitan Police never close an unsolved murder investigation and say they will always review any new information.

With that in mind, we have looked back at seven cases in Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich where killers are yet to face justice.

Samuel Guidera


News Shopper: Samuel Guidera, who was stabbed to death in 2011Samuel Guidera, who was stabbed to death in 2011 (Image: Metropolitan Police)

On February 12, 2011, 24-year-old Samuel Guidera was stabbed in the heart near Penge East Station.

Samuel was a student of history and politics. On the night he was killed he had spent the day watching football with friends. 

He was found collapsed in the street about 200 metres from the station with his wallet missing, and died in hospital later that night.

His mobile phone had been used to dial 07404 776433, a number which was not associated with him, and seconds later he tried to dial 999 but dialled 9999 so he never got through to emergency services.

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Nearly 1,000 witnesses have been interviewed in relation to the murder, but it remains unsolved.

His parents said: "The person who did this cannot comprehend how much damage they have done to us as a family.

“They have given us a life sentence and we do not want any other family to have that life sentence.

“This person must have a conscience, and if they do they need to come forward and help us with closure.”

Ethan Nedd-Bruce


News Shopper: Ethan Nedd-Bruce, 18, who was fatally shot in 2018Ethan Nedd-Bruce, 18, who was fatally shot in 2018 (Image: Metropolitan Police)

At around 9.20pm on October 22, 2018, 18-year-old Ethan Nedd-Bruce was approached by a group of males on Woolwich Road in Woolwich. 

He was chased into Armitage Road where he was shot by two men on a motorcycle.

Two men were arrested in 2020, but no one has been charged with his murder and it currently remains unsolved.

In 2021 Cherie Nedd, Ethan's mother, said: "As you can appreciate as a mother, my family and community are utterly bereft.

"I'm asking for members of the public, any witnesses that may have seen something, may know something about Ethan's murder to come forward and help the police to successfully convict the murderers."

Police are offering £20,000 for information which leads to the conviction of the people who murdered Ethan.

Michael Page


On June 4, 1978, 18-year-old Michael Page was stabbed to death as he walked home from a party in Orpington.

He had been out with friends in Crofton Hall but at around 3am in the morning a passing driver saw him lying on the pavement just down the road from his home in Avalon Road.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

Deborah Linsley


News Shopper: Deborah Linsley, 26, was killed on a train in 1988Deborah Linsley, 26, was killed on a train in 1988 (Image: Supplied)

On March 23, 1988, 26-year-old Deborah Linsley boarded a busy train traveling from Petts Wood to Victoria Station at around 2.50pm.

During the six minute journey the Bromley-born woman was stabbed 11 times.

Despite the fact that Deborah fought and injured her attacker, none of the 70 people on the train reported hearing anything suspicious.

Police appealed for information regarding four identified men, one described as a "scruffy man with dirty blond hair" who alighted from the train at Penge East.

The 1988 police investigation took 1,200 witness statements, while 650 individuals were questioned and ruled out.

The carriage was covered in blood, including that of her killer, and in 2002 the case was reopened in the hope that DNA left at the scene by the killer could reveal their identity, however this again led nowhere.

In 2018 Deborah's dad, Arthur, said: "My daughter was murdered 30 years ago and despite the DNA profile of the suspect being available, the person responsible has still not been found.

"I appealed in 2013 for those who had suspicions about a partner, a friend or a relative to please come forward and I renew that appeal now on this anniversary of Debbie’s death."

Daniel Morgan


News Shopper: Daniel Morgan who was killed in 1987Daniel Morgan who was killed in 1987 (Image: Metropolitan Police)

On March 10, 1987, private investigator Daniel Morgan, 37, was found with an axe in his head in the car park of Sydenham’s Golden Lion pub.

The father-of-two met his investigatory partner Jonathan Rees for a drink then that evening he was found dead, next to his car.

His watch was missing, along with notes he had written earlier that evening that had been ripped from his pocket. He was said to have been close to exposing police corruption.

Despite five police inquiries and an inquest, no-one has been brought to justice over the father-of-two’s death, with the Metropolitan Police admitting corruption had hampered the original murder investigation.

A report by an independent panel said the Met's first objective was to “protect itself” for failing to acknowledge its many failings since Mr Morgan’s murder, the panel’s chairman Baroness Nuala O’Loan said.

Tadas Jarusevicius


News Shopper: Tadas Jarusevicius​ was killed in 2015Tadas Jarusevicius​ was killed in 2015 (Image: Metropolitan Police)

On September 23, 2015, 29-year-old Tadas Jarusevicius was found under a railway bridge near Plumstead High Street.

He had been living under the flyover with a group of men and died of blunt force trauma to the head.

A total of seven people were arrested on suspicion of murder but nobody was ever charged.

In 2022 Louise Knipe, from the Met's Major Crimes division, said: "It is believed that there are still outstanding witnesses or persons who have information.

"I would urge them to come forward and assist in this investigation.They may have vital information to solve this murder. All calls to police will be treated in total confidence.

"Tadas and his family deserve justice. My team will not rest until those involved are brought before the courts.”

Earl Warburton


News Shopper: Earl Warburton, a pimp who was killed in 2015Earl Warburton, a pimp who was killed in 2015 (Image: Metropolitan Police)

In the early hours of February 15, 2012, 59-year-old Earl Warburton was killed in his flat in Loampiut Hill, Lewisham.

Earl - also known as Duke - ran two brothels, one known as the Madonnas from that address and one in Plumstead Common.

On the night he died he was with four prostitutes when four men entered the flat through a second door usually reserved for clients, they then ordered the women to lie down facing the floor.


Two suspects grabbed Mr Warburton and tried to restrain him, before dragging him to the bathroom, beating him.

Eventually the men left, and after a while the women felt safe to get up. Two of them fled, and one has never been traced.

One of the two remaining call-girls ventured into the bathroom where she said Mr Warburton felt like “a sack of potatoes”, and there was blood coming from his head.

When paramedics arrived they reported seeing “blood run down his mouth, his eyes and face are swollen and there’s blood in his nostrils”.

Mr Warburton’s murderers have never been found and a £20,000 reward remains for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of his killers.