Unarmed Greenwich man Reece Williams was killed with a hunting knife after a night at the pub, a court heard.

Robbie Munoz, 21, faces a murder trial after Mr Williams, 29, was stabbed to death near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich in July 2021.

On the first day of the trial Prosecutor Lisa Wilding told the jury how Mr Williams had assaulted Munoz, who then retaliated by attacking him with a 30cm blade after Mr Williams had walked away from the confrontation.

After leaving The Gate Clock pub in Greenwich in the early hours of July 30 Mr Williams stopped to talk with a group of people who were sitting on benches by the river, including several people he knew.

Munoz was among that group of people, but he and Mr Williams did not know each other.

“Munoz and the girl he was with were not particularly welcome. Some present at the bench found them irritating,” Ms Wilding said

"Mr Williams was known to have a temper, especially when he was drinking. He spoke to Munoz and the way the defendant was behaving wound him up.”

After becoming increasingly agitated by Munoz’s behaviour Mr Williams punched and kicked Munoz, who didn’t fight back.

Ms Wilding said: “As quickly as it started, it ended and Mr Williams walked away. Matters could have and should have ended there.

"However rather than leaving matters there or indeed leaving altogether, Mr Munoz went to his backpack and he took out a large hunting knife and removed it from its sheath."

Ms Wilding told the jury that Munoz chased after Mr Williams, swinging the blade repeatedly leaving him with multiple wounds including a slash to his thigh which cut his femoral artery.

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Two of Mr Williams’ friends wrestled the blade off Munoz before stabbing him in the backside with the same weapon, Ms Wilding said.

Munoz then ran off and was later found by police, before being taken to hospital and arrested. Mr Williams collapsed in a park nearby and died in hospital just hours later.

Ms Wilding told the jury that Munoz was motivated by anger, revenge and embarrassment, not by self defence as his counsel are likely to argue.

Earlier that day he had been involved in a similar confrontation in Worthing after a car nearly knocked him off his e-scooter.

Ms Wilding said that on that occasion he also pulled the large hunting knife out of his bag and used it to threaten the driver.

Munoz, of Belmont Road in Wallington, pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial, which is set to last for up to four weeks, continues.