THE parents of murdered student Samuel Guidera have made a fresh appeal for his killers to come forward as the anniversary of his death approaches.

University of Greenwich student Mr Guidera died after being stabbed in the heart at a Sydenham bus stop on February 12 last year in what police believe to be a street robbery gone wrong.

News Shopper: Fresh appeal to find killers of murdered student Samuel Guidera The 24-year-old, who lived with his parents in Avenue Road, Penge, was on his way to meet his girlfriend when he was attacked in Newlands Park.

His mother Sarah Guidera, 51, said: "We found out because Sam was meeting his girlfriend and when he didn't show up she called his phone and the Police answered. She called us.

"It was all very surreal, like it's not happening to you. They told us not to come to the hospital but someone would come to see us. We knew then something wasn't right. So we just jumped in the car. I had to be there if there was any chance.

"It feels like it's happening to someone else. You see it on TV and you think people scream and collapse but it isn't like that, you're in absolute shock. For weeks and months you think he's coming back. The funeral was the oddest thing because it felt like someone else’s.

"It doesn't get any easier. I've lost people before and it gets easier with time but when it's your child it just doesn't. You've just got to live with it because you've got other children to think about and you've got to go on.

"This has left a huge gap in our lives. There isn't a day goes by that we don't think about the way that Sam's life was snatched away from him.

"It’s pretty awful knowing it happened in this area, knowing we might just walk past them in the street.

"It’s hard knowing during all the media appeals they were sitting on their sofas. They know they have done this.

"Our life has changed so dramatically and they’re just walking around. It’s awful really, I don’t know how they can sleep at night."

News Shopper: Fresh appeal to find killers of murdered student Samuel Guidera

Mr Guidera, who was studying history and politics and wanted to be a teacher, had spent the day of February 12 watching football with friends.

He travelled between Bickley and Penge East by train, arriving at 9.41pm.

After crossing the footbridge, he entered a convenience store while carrying a pink T-Mobile carrier bag, before heading towards a bus stop in Newlands Park, where he was attacked.

He was found collapsed in the street at around 9.55pm and was pronounced dead at hospital an hour later.

Mr Guidera's family will visit the spot where he died to lay tributes on Saturday night and will attend a service at the church where he is buried on Sunday.

His parents now want to set up a foundation to remember their son.

Mrs Guidera said: "Sam was very passionate about the world we live in and honestly thought he could make a difference to young peoples lives.

"He worked so hard and it was just taken away from him. He can’t achieve his goals but at least through the foundation someone else will benefit from it.

"Sam was kind and funny with an incredibly infectious smile. He will always be in our hearts."

Police are appealing to anybody who has information relating to those responsible for this offence or any information which may assist police to contact the enquiry team on 0208 345 3734 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

They would like to talk to the people identified in these CCTV images as they may have witnessed the attack.

News Shopper: Fresh appeal to find killers of murdered student Samuel Guidera

News Shopper: Witness 1

News Shopper: Witness 2