Police say more people are involved in the senseless murder of wildfowl in Orpington than initially presumed.

Fury over the treatment of wildlife was raised at the start of May when disturbing images of boys appearing to hold dead ducks were shared on social media.

Officers were "sickened" to hear about the cruel act and said they wanted to bring those responsible to justice.

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More concern was felt last week when an anonymous Facebook post went viral after "intimidating" teenagers were spotted throwing stones at ducklings in Priory Gardens.

The mother duck was "crying" after being separated from her ducklings and one culprit was allegedly heard saying 'ha, I killed them'."

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An officer has now sent a fresh police statement to News Shopper on behalf of the Cray Valley West Safer Neighbourhood team.

It read: "Our investigation into the killing and maiming of wildfowl in the Orpington area is continuing.

"We are aware that there may be more people involved with both the previously reported and other incidents.

"If you see any offences being committed please contact police. If you have any information, including images or identities of those involved, these can also be forwarded so that appropriate action can be taken."

After the statement was sent, another worrying post was shared on Orpington Gossip.

It said that many ducks and ducklings "are being found dead" because "vile kids" are using a catapult to fire rocks and stones at them.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or to contact the Cray Valley West team on crayvalleywest.snt@met.police.uk