Disturbing photos of smirking boys appearing to hold lifeless ducks while posing for the camera have inspired outrage on social media.

The photos, taken from an Instagram account, appeared on Orpington Gossip's Facebook page hours after concern was raised about cruelty to geese in St Paul’s Cray Recreation Ground.

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After the images were shared, local mum, Marianne Hughes, told News Shopper: "It is awful and so upsetting.

"It is unbelievable that a child could be so cruel and have no compassion for animals.

"I have two sons and one is autistic and he is so compassionate with animals so if he can be like that anyone can be."

One of the photos shows one boy holding a catapult in one hand and a dead male duck in the other.

Marianne lives on the same road where the disturbing pictures appeared to be taken on Carlton Parade.

She added: "It’s horrific and makes me think of what type of people are living here. I am even now thinking about my own pets and if these people got hold of my cats or even my son."

Alarm was first reported by an anonymous contributor on Orpington Gossip who wrote about finding a "tormented goose" who was "sat in a pool of blood, pouring from its head and wing".

The worrying post also stated that police and animal rescue groups were called to the park last night after the "severely injured goose" was found after youths were seen causing harm.

The anonymous status concluded: "If you know your child / teenager has purchased a catapult and you know they frequent that park please make them aware they are being and looked for. Several local residents came together tonight to try and help and are all on the look out for suspicious activity."

News Shopper has contacted police for more information.