Mark Bright revealed how some ‘tough love’ dished out to younger players during his playing days is no longer the norm.

Bright re-called how, when at Charlton, he was joined by Scott Parker, Paul Konchesky and Jermain Defoe, in first-team training and how one altercation left a mark on Parker.

Now in the Crystal Palace Academy set-up, the former Addick and Eagle re-called the incident.

“I was one of the senior players and you try and pass on your knowledge,” he told The Sun.

“Parker joined us, and in training and you give them a dig, you shout at them and Scotty didn’t like it, it threw him a little bit.

“The reality of coming into a first-team environment was tough where we are trying to win games.

“He was taking chances, trying flicks and dribbles so I put him right.

“And he came to and said ‘Can you not shout at me, can you just talk to me.’

“I said ‘I’ll treat you like I treat everyone else’.”

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Lack Fight

Bright, who scored ten goals in a Charlton shirt and over 90 goals for Palace, also revealed that Parker, now a first team coach at Fulham, told him that in the modern day such behaviour is no longer tolerated.

“He tells me you can’t talk to the young players the way you spoke to me - in an uncompromising way using foul language.”

The change in approach in the modern day could be the reason why, according to Bright, many talented players don’t achieve their full potential.

“I can tell you now some talented people have left this club, having talent is only part of it.

“There are a lot of talented kids in the system, but too many lack fight.

“I don’t think there is the adversity, they don’t struggle, you don’t see the fight in them.

“Why? Society has changed, look at the things that were around when I was playing, things are no longer acceptable.

“You have to emphasise to them how important it is you can’t do that in the first team, you will lose games.

“Before it was tough love from the senior players that made sure you survived.”

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