Shane MacGowan's wife Victoria Mary Clarke appeared on Good Morning Britain (GMB) today where she revealed how she has dealt with his recent death. 

The Pogues frontman, MacGowan, died at the age of 65 last Thursday (November 30). 

He had been in intensive care for several months after first being diagnosed with viral encephalitis in 2022, which is said to have been exacerbated by shingles that spread to his eye.

Clarke was the one to announce MacGowan's death, taking to Instagram on Thursday to reveal the sad news. 

MacGowan and the Pogues were well known for their songs including the Christmas hit Fairytale of New York. 

Following his death his wife has said she hopes Fairytale of New York become Christmas number one this year in memory of her husband.

"Not as bad as you think" - Shane MacGowan's wife reveals how she has dealt with his death

Clarke appeared on GMB this morning interviewed by hosts Ed Balls and Susanna Reid

In the interview, she talked about her relationship with MacGowan and how she had coped since his passing last Thursday (November 30). 

She revealed she loved watching MacGowan on stage, but said "it wasn't always easy" as The Pogues frontman used to like to "push the boundaries".

But Clarke said the real reason she had come on GMB today was to reveal how she had been forced to face her fear over the past few days and deal with the loss of her husband. 

She said: "The real reason I wanted to go on your show today is because as you were just talking about your contestant on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here and they were talking about facing big fears and I think for most of you watching, the biggest fear you have is that you're going to lose a loved one and it's going to happen. You can't really get around that.

"You're all going to lose a loved one. And I know that for me, I know I spent many many years, at least 35 years, worrying about losing Shane because he was so...what's the word...I guess he just pushed the boundaries so much of what humans can do to their bodies and so I dreaded that and I thought I would fall apart, I thought I would die, I thought I would not be able to speak, I thought I would be comatosed or on drugs myself or something like that.

"So I just want you all to know, it's not as bad as you think it's going to be and there's a huge amount of love that comes your way when you lose someone, that you didn't really expect and in my case, I've been overwhelmed with how much love and support there is."