Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter Susanna Reid has urged women across the UK to go and get a mammogram after sharing her recent experience.

The GMB host revealed her recent "stressful" trip to go and have a mammogram, which is a breast screening X-ray that looks for cancers too small to see or feel.

52-year-old Reid said she had been putting it off, until hearing a call from The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, urging women to go and have one done.

The GMB presenter said: "We were talking about Sarah Ferguson and she had urged everyone to go and do it.

"(I was) really resistant to it and then there was a big row about the fact, you know, some health organisations weren't sending out regular reminders.

"I remembered there had been a letter somewhere in the 'in' tray, so I did it."

GMB presenter Susanna Reid reveals "stressful" mammogram experience

Speaking to Ed Balls and GMB viewers Reid revealed her stressful mammogram experience.

Firstly Reid said, she needed GMB editor Daniel to drive her to the appointment and then she forgot her phone, having to ask someone in the waiting room to borrow there's so she could send an email.

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But she said the appointment itself was nowhere near as bad as she thought it was going to be.

Reid said: "It wasn't in the least bit painful or uncomfortable. I was expecting it to be far far worse. 

"So, If you've been putting it off for that reason, please don't, go and get your mammogram done."

The GMB presenter added she didn't have to wait very long for results, with them coming back within a few weeks.