Forget a heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, two other big-name Brits could be set for a boxing match, and it's not who you'd expect. 

Media personality Piers Morgan has called out fellow TV presenter Louis Theroux after the latter said he could beat him in a boxing match during an interview with Joshua.

In 'Louis Theroux interviews' Anthony Joshua, which aired on BBC Two and iPlayer on Tuesday (November 7), the British boxer said to the TV presenter: "I could actually get you a fight and it will do well. 

Theroux seemed shocked, but Joshua assured him: "Yeah, because you will bring the viewers to my broadcasting platform."

News Shopper: Louis Theroux interviews Anthony Joshua aired on BBC Two and iPlayer on Tuesday (November 7).Louis Theroux interviews Anthony Joshua aired on BBC Two and iPlayer on Tuesday (November 7). (Image: BBC/Mindhouse Productions/Ryan McNamara)

The TV presenter then raised the question: "Who would you put me against?"

Someone behind the camera then suggested Piers Morgan, an idea Theroux supported. 

He said: "Piers Morgan. That's a better match-up. Number one, he's very famous and I think I could take him."

Piers Morgan calls out Louis Theroux for boxing match

Morgan seemed to disagree with Theroux, taking to social media on Wednesday (November 8) to say he would be the winner in a boxing match between the two.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), Morgan said: "Have you lost your marbles @louistheroux ?"

"I'd destroy you in 30 seconds, you puny wastrel."

Fans call for Piers Morgan v Louis Theroux boxing match

People commenting on Morgan's post on X have urged him to make a boxing match-up against Theroux an actual event. 

One person commented: "Make this happen."

Another said: "I'd pay to watch this."

A third person added: "Common lads this ones a blockbuster."

While another follower commented: "I'm here for it! First YouTubers and now journalists!!! Let's gooo."

Louis Theroux Interviews is available to watch on BBC iPlayer