Piers Morgan has been left "outraged" after finding out his favourite chocolate bar has been discontinued and has called on Mars to reconsider. 

TV presenter and journalist Morgan took to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday to express his concern for his mental health after finding out his favourite chocolate bar - Bounty Dark had been discontinued. 

Bounty Dark was delisted temporarily by the Mars back in November 2022, according to Better Retailing. 

A spokesperson for Mars told Better Retailing at the time: “Bounty Dark has been delisted, due to temporary operational reasons. The move is very much temporary and we look forward to bringing the SKU back in due course.”

But it seems the move has now been made more permanent according to Morgan.

"This will cause immeasurable harm to my mental health", says Piers Morgan

Morgan posting on X said: "BREAKING: I’ve just been told my favourite dark chocolate red wrapper Bounty bars have been discontinued, and this is the last one left in my dressing room stockpile.

"I’m outraged. This will cause immeasurable harm to my mental health. Please reconsider @MarsGlobal."

Users on the social media platform sympathised with Morgan with others clearly just as distraught as Morgan at the news Bounty Dark has been discontinued.

One person, commenting on Morgan's post on X, said: "Oh no, the Bounty apocalypse has begun! I've already contacted my therapist and started a support group for fellow Bounty enthusiasts.

"Let's hope @MarsGlobal listens to our plea for the sake of our sanity and chocolate-loving hearts! #SaveTheBounty."

While another user added: "Noooooo. Dark chocolate bounty’s beat milk chocolate bounties hands down. Mars don’t do this to us (crying emoji)."

A third person tried offering an alternative: "Ah, but have you discovered dark chocolate Maltesers?"

But Morgan said it wasn't the same, responding: "Yes.. love them.. but not as much."