Technology giant Apple has announced that it will change its iPhone spelling feature so that a very common expletive isn't autocorrected.

Users of Apple products across the UK have had a swear word autocorrected to 'duck' or 'ducking' for years now, leaving many annoyed.

Apple's software chief Craig Federighi said of the change: "In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too."

The autocorrect feature has been known to change words to incorrect spellings or to alter the meaning of a sentence altogether through one simple 'correction'.

These alterations to text messages often lead many to curse autocorrect or to be left trying to change back words to no avail.

Duck or ducking is perhaps the most well-known of these common autocorrects.

While Apple users have always had the option to disable the autocorrect feature altogether on their devices, this tweak is hoped to allow people more freedom to express swear words.

Apple announces new VR headset at Worldwide Conference 

This wasn't the only announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference as it also embarked on a new mission to enter virtual reality with its £2,811 item, seeing it compete with companies like Meta.

The Vision Pro was described as "the most advanced personal electronic device ever" and is set to feature a 23 million-pixel glass screen that covers the user's eyes.

This comes as the company's market value reached just below 3 trillion dollars, setting an all-time record.

'Thank duck': Apple users celebrate as common expletive to no longer be autocorrected to 'ducking'

Users were quick to celebrate the news with one user writing on Twitter: "Thank f***, the amount of times ducking has caught me out when I’m in full blown beef."

One user simply added: "Thank the ducking lord" while another chimed in with: "Thank duck…!"

One poster shared a gif of a duck running towards the camera with the caption "duck it!" while another thanked the company using a gif from the hit TV show The Office US.