Here is how to trick autocorrect on your iPhone and be able to swear freely without frustration.

Sometimes you are angrily ranting to a friend about something or other and you find your phone has autocorrected a certain word to ‘ducking’.

This is even more infuriating than what you were talking about but here is the trick to get rid of the irritating edits to your F-bombs.

If you go into your settings, and look for Text Replacement, you can adapt the language settings to get rid of the unwanted autocorrections.

Text replacement lets you override autocorrect with any phrases you choose.

Open settings, select General and head to Keyboard and Text Replacement. Press the + button and under Phrase write the version Apple always autocorrects.

Once saved you will never have to accidentally send the word ‘ducking’ again.

This obviously leaves you ripe for pranksters to place words in your phone you might not want there but what’s more important?