The winners of Race Across The World 2023 have been crowned.

Following eight nail-biting episodes chock full of stunning Canadian scenery and expensive taxi fares, the popular BBC contest has come to an end. 

Three contestants were left in the race as viewers tuned into the final on Wednesday night ( May 10) but only one pairing could scoop up that highly sought-after £20,000 jackpot.

For those who have not seen the Race Across the World 2023 final yet, look away now because there are spoilers ahead.

The news comes as applications for the next series of the endurance competition are officially closed.

The BBC has not confirmed a release date for season four at the time of writing.

However, fans may be happy to hear that a celebrity spin-off of Race Across The World is officially happening, BBC commissioning editor Michael Jochnowitz has confirmed.

What is Race Across The World?

The show pushes contestants to their limits as they attempt to navigate beautiful but unforgiving parts of the world with a limited budget and without the luxuries of flights and internet access.

The family members, couples and friends are instead given a GPS tracker, a world map, a travel guide with local job adverts and a money belt of cash at the start of their trip.

The 2023 season saw five pairs take on over 16,000 kilometres from Vancouver on the Pacific Coast to  St John's on the island of Newfoundland – the most easterly city in North America.

Tricia and Cathie win Race Across the World Series 3

News Shopper: Tricia and Cathie won series 3 of the BBC's Race Across The World. (BBC/Studio Lambert)Tricia and Cathie won series 3 of the BBC's Race Across The World. (BBC/Studio Lambert) (Image: BBC/Studio Lambert)

Tricia and Cathie won this year's race by reaching the final checkpoint - the Lighthouse on Cape Spear - before the other two pairings.

They were closely followed by married couple Mobeen and Zainib with third place being awarded to father and daughter team Ladi and Monique.

Tricia said following their victory "It is just crazy madness but amazing, absolutely amazing. We've raced across the whole of Canada, with sod-all budget, eaten cream cheese and crackers, got lost in Stanley Park and we've come first. How bloody amazing is that!"

Meanwhile, Cathie added: "I'm totally elated, I feel just total elation mixed with a bit of disbelief. I'm overwhelmed, it's incredible. I think it's the best way to say thank you to all of the people in Canada who have helped us get here. It's just unreal."

Viewers have taken to social media to share their congratulations with the best friends.

One fan shared:" This has been incredible, the past 8 weeks have been an absolute treat. Will miss it. Great teams & final where you were rooting for them all, with moments for each pair along the way. Looking forward to Celebrity Race Across The World in Autumn."

News Shopper: Race Across the World's 2023 contestants started their race in Vancouver. ( BBC/ Studio Lambert)Race Across the World's 2023 contestants started their race in Vancouver. ( BBC/ Studio Lambert) (Image: BBC/ Studio Lambert)

A second posted: "I thoroughly enjoyed Race across the World..Canada, what a beautiful country..those couples worked so well together.. Trish and Cathie were worthy winners".

Meanwhile, a third commented: "What a final. The teams had been through a lot and Cathie and Tricia were worthy (emotional) winners. Showed off Canada and its residents at their very best, reinforcing it as one of my 2 favourite places on the planet."

Tricia and Cathie's fellow competitors were also full of congratulations for the pair.

Ladi and Monique said: "Huge congrats to Cathie and Trish – they've hustled hard and brought home that win!"

Meanwhile, Zainib and Mobeen shared: "We always said that if we are not to win, we would want Cathie and Trish to win. They are like family to us now and them winning is like us winning."

All episodes of Race Across The World are now available on BBC iPlayer.