This evening (March 22) London father and daughter duo Ladi and Monique will be kicking off their journey as they star in the new BBC show, Race Across the World. 

Entering its third season, the adventure competition show sees ambitious pairs race it out to travel across Canada starting in Vancouver and ending in St John's Newfoundland, but it's not as easy as it sounds. 

The pairs are banned from flying and can not use any credit cards, phones or the internet.

Instead, they are given the cash equivalent of the airfare and the first pair to reach the finish line walks away with £20,000.

And this year, brave East London father and daughter duo, Ladi and Monique are taking on the challenge. 

Meet the London duo racing across the world

The pair hailed from the region and spoke to Radio Times about why they decided to take part in the adventure program.

Monique, 25, shared that they reckoned they could do it together, saying: "I stumbled across the series and said to Dad that I reckon we can do this and it sort of just happened.

"My main motivations are because I love travelling, but on a holiday. So, I don't actually travel, I've never owned a backpack, don't do the whole camping thing, that's not me."

Monique also added how she wanted to challenge herself, saying: "I want to challenge myself to be able to experience countries in a way that I probably never would unless it was a show like this.

"And who better to go with than my dad, because I feel like I need someone who's older, wiser and knows more about the world than I do."

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Whilst dad, Ladi, 52 told Radio Times that he accepted he's daughter's honest answer: "I fully appreciate that answer: older, wiser, knows more about the world."

Ladi also added the heartfelt reason he decided to take part in the show: "I think for me, the motivation for doing this show is that I'm going to spend quality time with my daughter that I will probably never ever get again. Yes, she's my daughter, and she's always around, she's my princess, but she's entering into her own adulthood in a way.

"So, this is probably going to be the last time ever that we're going to be like this. I need to explain to her life and everything that goes with it. So, it was a great opportunity to do that."

How to watch Race Across the World on BBC

Race Across the World kicks off on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Wednesday, March 22. 

The show will air weekly at the same time and channel and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.