The BBC's gripping young banker drama is back for a second series and we cannot wait. 

The first series followed five young graduates vying for a permanent job at a top London investment bank.

The first 8-episode long season dropped in November 2020 to HBO and BBC audiences who were binging the show in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This next instalment brings the Pierpoint office into a post-pandemic world of non-stop dinner parties, drugs, sex and competition.

Here's when the second series will be on TV and how you can tune in to Industry's tense and toxic world of trading.

When is Industry season two on TV?

The first episode of Industry will air on BBC One on Tuesday, September 27.

It will air on the channel from 10.40 pm until 11.35 pm.

If you miss the show and want to watch it on catch-up, you can tune in on BBC iPlayer. 

All episodes from series one and the current series are already available on the platform.

The second season has been available to watch on HBO and HBO Max since August 1.

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What is Industry series two about?

Series two of the corporate drama will bring us back into the world of a group of young bankers and traders working for the world's leading financial institution - Pierpoint & Co.

The new season will see Harper return to an intensifying office atmosphere as she lines up a huge deal.

She quickly finds herself being iced out by Eric, who claims that working from home has made her soft.

Meanwhile, viewers will see Rob struggling with his own confidence and Yasmin is destabilised by the return of her toxic mentor, Kenny.

Industry series two cast list

Here is a full cast list of the characters in series two of Industry and the actors that play them:

  • Yasmin Kara-Hanani - Marisa Abela
  • Harper Stern - Myha'la Herrold
  • Robert Spearing- Harry Lawtey
  • Kenny Kilbane - Conor MacNeill
  • Danny Van Deventer - Alex Alomar Akpobome
  • Maxim Alonso - Nicholas Bishop
  • Celeste Pacquet - Katrine De Candole
  • Rishi Ramdani - Sagar Radia
  • Venetia - Indy Lewis
  • Hilary Wyndham - Mark Dexter
  • Bill Adler - Trevor White
  • Jackie Walsh - Caoilfhionn Dunne
  • Felim Bichan - Andrew Buchan
  • Eric Tao - Ken Leung
  • Nicole Craig- Sarah Parish
  • Jesse Bloom- Jay Duplass
  • Anraj - Irfan Shamji
  • Ray - Samson Cox-Vinell
  • Luc - Henry Felix
  • Jenny - Django Chan-Reeves
  • Diana - Brittany Ashworth
  • Himself- Henry Mance
  • Barman - Ben Kerr

Industry series two begins on Tuesday, September 27 at 10.40 pm on BBC One.