New ITV drama, The Suspect, follows the story of psychologist Joe O'Loughlin (Aidan Turner) who has recently been diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition.

As O'Loughlin comes to terms with the news, he sees his life thrown into chaos.

When a young woman is murdered in an unusual way, it sees DS Riya Devi (Anjli Mohindra) asks Joe for his professional opinion. 

Although a shocked Joe is shaken by the brutality of the murder, the actions of O'Loughlin lead police to wonder if there is something he is hiding from his past and not telling the police.

The show stars Poldark actor Aidan Turner and was written by Peter Berry known for his work on Gangs of London, Mary Bryant and much more. 

The Suspect full cast list: 

  • Joseph O'Loughlin: Aidan Turner
  • DI Vince Ruiz: Shaun Parkes
  • Julianne: Camilla Beeput
  • DS Riya Devi: Anjli Mohindra
  • Jack Owens: Adam James
  • Bobby Moran: Bobby Schofield
  • Fenwick: Sian Clifford
  • Cara: Bronagh Waugh
  • Catherine McCain: Tara Lee

How to watch The Suspect: 

If you want to watch the new drama you can watch The Suspect on ITV and ITV Hub at 9pm on Monday, September 5. 

Episodes will air weekly at the same time, with the first episode available now on ITV Hub.