A MAN accused of murder was infuriated by the smell of his own skunk weed on his alleged victim, a police informant today told a jury.

Daniel Herbert, of Holywell Close, Orpington, was shot dead in Clements Road, Bermondsey, at around 2am on August 17, 2009.

Bobby Winser, 22, from Bermondsey, and Michael Campbell, 25, from Camberwell, are standing trial at the Old Bailey accused of murdering the 27-year-old nightclub promoter.

The jury has heard Winser and Campbell were arrested after Winser told his uncle’s friend he was involved in the killing, and this friend, who was secretly a police informant, then told the police.

This morning the informant told the jury he spoke to Winser at the home of his uncle Darren Mitchell and grandmother Doreen Mitchell in Eastbourne in East Sussex the day after the killing, while both Mitchells were present.

The informant said: “In Bobby’s words, he said that this crew had done over his house a couple of times where he was growing drugs.

“On this particular evening, he had come home to find his door kicked in and immediately realised that he had been burgled again.

“He went straight off and looked up the road and saw someone looking in his direction and they made eye contact.

“I think Bobby realised that this guy was connected to the crew that had robbed him previously, and then he ran so Bobby gave chase and eventually caught up with the man.

“He said ‘I eventually caught up with him and managed to get the better of him in a fight and put him on the ground. I was on my knees astride him, punching him in the face’.

“The man must have been sweating a lot and Bobby smelled the smell of his own skunk weed and this infuriated him.

“By this time, Michael had caught up with him and Bobby said ‘shoot him, f*****g shoot him’, expecting him to shoot him in the knee.

“He said ‘he f*****g shot him through the head and now look at all the s**t we’re in.”

The informant added: “[Winser] made it quite plain that he did not pull the trigger.

“He felt that that made it less serious for him.”

The informant told the jury Darren Mitchell had told him the families of Winser and Campbell met in the evening of August 17, 2009, to discuss the killing, and that it was suggested Winser go abroad.

The informant also told the jury he was told the murder weapon was a .38 caliber revolver, and that it had been smelted by a family member who worked in the metal industry.

Alexander Cameron, defending Winser, pointed out to the jury that there are discrepancies between the evidence the informant gave in court and the statement he made to police in January 2010.

The informant told the jury he first went to Darren Mitchell’s home on August 17, 2009, to speak to him one-on-one in the bedroom, and that when they came out of the bedroom Winser was in the living room.

But in his police statement the informant said he left Darren Mitchell’s home on August 17 before Winser arrived.

When asked why there were inconsistencies between his court evidence and police statement, the informant said: “I obviously made a mistake.”

When asked if he knew why he had made a mistake, he said: “I don’t know.”

Mr Cameron said to the informant: “I suggest to you that you never had a conversation with Bobby Winser concerning him being involved in a shooting.”

The informant replied: “I disagree.”

Darren Mitchell, aged 42, and 68-year-old Doreen Mitchell, both from Eastbourne, are standing trial alongside Winser and Campbell.

Both Mitchells are accused of assisting an offender.

It is alleged they gave false information to police following Mr Herbert’s death.

The four defendants deny all the charges.

The trial continues.