A Met Police officer who told a woman of his white supremacist rape fantasy has been sacked. 

PC David Seager, based at Lewisham Police Station, told a woman he had a graphic desire to commit rape and other acts of sexual violence towards her in the context of a white supremacist setting. 

The messages referenced rape, forced impregnation and slavery.

On Wednesday, February 28, was dismissed without notice after a misconduct hearing found he had committed gross misconduct.

The messages had been sent between February and December 2020 to a woman (Miss A) that PC Seager was in a sexual relationship with. 

Assistant Commissioner Pippa Mills said: “The messages express graphic desire to commit rape and other acts of sexual violence towards Miss A in a context of a white supremacist setting. 

“They demonstrate an utter disregard for the feelings and welfare of Miss A, the sexually violent scenarios being aggravated by expressions of domination based on Miss A’s race.” 

In the hearing PC Seager admitted the messages might appear “risqué” to “the non-woke members of the world”. 

He argued that the messages were sent in privacy and has a right to a private life. 

The misconduct hearing also heard that PC Seager shared naked images of Miss A with a third party without her consent. 

During the hearing PC Seager is said to have expressed a profound desire to damage the Met, which Assistant Commissioner Mills said was tantamount to blackmail. 

According to the misconduct report, he said: “I was much more valuable as a serving police officer than I am as an enemy. I am currently exploring avenues of very publicly suing the police. I will spend the rest of my life defaming the MPS as hard as I can.” 

PC Seager had been suspended from duty since November 2021. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry, lead for policing in the area said: "The messages PC Seager sent were grossly offensive and upsetting. I cannot imagine the level of distress and harm they caused to the woman. The fact they were sent to her by a police officer is sickening. 

"PC Seager has been rightly dismissed. The Commissioner has been clear that we remove anyone from the organisation who falls below the high standards we must uphold." 

This was the second misconduct hearing PC Seager had faced in a matter of weeks. 

On February 7 a misconduct panel concluded that he should be given a final written warning after he told a junior colleague he wanted to squeeze her breasts and sent another a message saying he wanted to ‘lick’ her ‘an*s’.   

The first hearing detailed how Seager approached a junior officer and said “your tits look amazing” during the first incident in June 2020.  

He then placed a hand in front of the officer’s breasts and told her “I would like to squeeze them”.   

PC Seager denied the incident, but the panel described the female officer as a ‘credible witness’ and found the allegation on balance proven.   

Then in November 2021, PC Seager sent a message to another colleague via WhatsApp saying "haha I want to lick your an*s". 

As reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, on February 7 the chair of the misconduct panel, Catherine Elliot, said: “We have arrived at the conclusion that in this case a final written warning for the full period of five years [will be sufficient].”