A Met Police officer has been sacked for sending racist and misogynistic messages to a woman. 

PC David Seager, based at Lewisham Police Station, has been the subject of two misconduct hearings in a matter of weeks. 

On February 7 a misconduct panel concluded that he should be given a final written warning after he told a junior colleague he wanted to squeeze her breasts and sent another a message saying he wanted to ‘lick’ her ‘an*s’. 

But now on Wednesday (February 28) he has been dismissed without notice for sending highly offensive racist and misogynistic messages to a woman. 

The first hearing detailed how Seager approached a junior officer and said “your tits look amazing” during the first incident in June 2020. 

He then placed a hand in front of the officer’s breasts and told her “I would like to squeeze them”.  

PC Seager denied the incident, but the panel described the female officer as a ‘credible witness’ and found the allegation on balance proven.  

Then in November 2021, PC Seager sent a message to another colleague via WhatsApp saying "haha I want to lick your an*s".

As reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, on February 7 the chair of the misconduct panel, Catherine Elliot, said: “We have arrived at the conclusion that in this case a final written warning for the full period of five years [will be sufficient].” 

But the second misconduct hearing, which concluded on Wednesday (February 28), heard that between February and December 2020 PC Seager sent the woman, who he knew, a series of appalling messages in which he made violent sexual threats. 

This panel decided that PC Seager should be dismissed without notice. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry, lead for policing in the area said: "The messages PC Seager sent were grossly offensive and upsetting. I cannot imagine the level of distress and harm they caused to the woman. The fact they were sent to her by a police officer is sickening. 

"PC Seager has been rightly dismissed. The Commissioner has been clear that we remove anyone from the organisation who falls below the high standards we must uphold." 

PC Seager had been suspended from duty since November 2021.