A school in Sidcup have said they are "delighted" after receiving the highest possible food hygiene rating.

Hope Community School has been given a rating of 5 by the Food Standards Agency, meaning that hygiene standards are very good.

This represents a significant jump, with the school having progressed from a rating of 1 at their previous inspection to achieving the maximum possible score.

Hope Community School was given this top rating following a re-inspection on February 29, 2024.

In the wider area of Bexley, only 64.6 per cent of establishments hold the highest rating.

A spokesperson for Hope Community School said: "We are delighted with the result and pleased that the inspector acknowledged our hard work and high quality of provision.

"We strive hard to maintain excellence in all areas of our school, from catering to education, and therefore are particularly happy that we scored the highest rating possible."

All areas were closely re-inspected by the watchdog.

The school's handling of food, environmental cleanliness, and the food safety officer's confidence in the establishment were all deemed to be very good.

Following the visit, the inspector said that the primary school had "very good systems and procedures" and was "clean, tidy and well maintained".

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The top rating shows the significant strides Hope Community School has made in improving its hygiene standards following its rating of 1 in December 2023.

After their previous inspection the school promised to "put robust measures in place to address this urgently".

As a routine aspect of UK regulations, food hygiene ratings are determined through unannounced inspections conducted by local authorities.

The ratings play an essential role in ensuring the safety and quality of food establishments in the United Kingdom, allowing the public to make informed decisions and promoting high standards of practices reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.